How to Defeat Imposter Syndrome

You are smarter than you think, Here is why:

Ever felt like what you do comes so naturally that it feels like a breeze? I get it. I receive messages every week from friends seeking my guidance on what I consider straightforward tasks. It’s not about doubting their smarts or work ethic; it’s about realizing that we often underestimate our own capabilities.

Imposter syndrome can hit us hard, making us believe that we lack the knowledge or skills necessary to make an impact. We second-guess ourselves, especially when the results we expect seem to be taking their time to materialize.

I’ve been there too. While I might not always see the exact outcomes I envision, those around me notice my growth. They reach out for consultations, seeking insights that I once assumed were commonplace. In fact, a few months ago, a huge proposition came my way through a simple WhatsApp status update. Though personal reasons led me to turn it down, it dawned on me that what I deemed effortless was of immense value to others.

Remember, as you continue on your journey of self-improvement, it’s crucial to acknowledge the depth of your own intelligence. It’s not about boasting or carrying oneself with an air of superiority; it’s about recognising how much ground you’ve covered and using that as a springboard for confidence in all your endeavours.

It’s time to give yourself the credit you truly deserve. Let me help you take the first step.

You can start by Dropping a comment below saying,
“I am smart, I am able, I am a badass.

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