Tips For Creating High-Quality Social Media Content For Your Small Business

It’s 2024, it is no longer news that for any form of business to grow, whether big or small it must be on social media. The biggest brands leverage social media to create brand awareness and are very successful at it. This is because social media does not only give you the ability to have paid media(advertising) But it also helps give you earned and owned media respectively.


Haven answered the question of why create content which by now if the answer is not obvious; “it is because it leads to immense growth at little or no cost” Let’s explore some practical tips on how to create quality content for your brand on social media AKA content marketing 


If you are at a point where you have decided that you want to create content online for your business and you are wondering how to create quality content online for your business, these simple tips will help you.


Know your  social media goals:


The reason for social media marketing for businesses and brands is to promote the business and its products or services on popular social media platforms. For example, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, or YouTube.It’s as simple as that.


But when you want to promote you should have goals. 

What is the reason you are on social media as a business?

Most times the answers circulate around these grounds: 


  • brand awareness
  • website traffic
  • sales and lead generation
  • engagement

Once you know your goal then you can have a marketing strategy. This is a well-set-out plan for how you will relate with your audience online. You have to figure out how you want to be perceived and to achieve high-quality content, You must:

  1. Be true to yourself. What works for everyone may not work for you. You have to be authentic. You can only be authentic when you take the time to study your audience. Know what they resonate with, do they mind if you show BTS or do they prefer finished reels/videos? Do they like case studies or do they prefer Carousels? Authenticity is defined by what your audience wants and what works for your brand. You must develop a unique voice and style that will be recognisable everywhere. Let other businesses inspire you but it will be unwise to steal their content just because they are similar to you.
  • Trends don’t last treat them but don’t bank on them.

In 2023 there were many social media marketing trends from Barbie to sports memes they have all gone and this is why you should not follow trends as a business trying to offer unique content online. As good as trends are they will always come and go and most times they are not in alignment with the voice and messaging of your brand but you might bank on them to get short-term visibility then you can now build on their visibility to preach the gospel of your brand and in your way. This is how you follow social media trends as a business owner.

  • What kind of content should I share?

After you have figured out what your brand voice should look like you should aim to structure your content around these four pillars Educational, inspiring, promotional and entertaining.

Educate your audience about your products and how you are solving their most common pain points. 

Do not be afraid to sell. However, it should be done subtly without coming off as being too sales-focused or spammy. Promote your products, and give offers to your clients that way they connect with you more.

And talking about connecting with your audience there is no better way to connect with your online audience than through entertainment, sharing funny, relatable content, you can test out physical events to nurture and build your community online so you transform them from just followers and subscribers to loyal fans.

Finally, make sure your content is inspiring. 

Choose the right platforms and know what consistency means for you

You must not be everywhere at the same time. Yes, you can have a presence on various platforms but your time will be more well spent if you focus on one and then build something around it so it becomes a source that trickles down the other platforms.

Consistency is not the same as fluency. Consistency might mean you are posting stories every day or making sure you reply to all comments and chat on your major channels. It is beyond just posting daily, therefore figure out how consistent you want to be on your channels and implement it.

In the end, you could read all this and still take no action. You could watch a thousand YouTube videos about this topic and you will still do nothing about it. You will not grow if you act that way. 

Little drops make an ocean, start doing something about your content marketing goals for the year today. 

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